Kalash Valley

Pakistan’s Kalash Valleys, comprised of Bumburet, Birir, and Rumbur are hidden gems surrounded by the dramatic Hindu Kush mountain range, a part of the Himalayas. The rugged peaks are covered with scrubs of juniper and birch for stunning, natural views.

The valleys are known for the beauty of the people as well as the natural splendor. Thought to be the descendants of Alexander the Great’s armies, the Kalash are animists, an ethnic minority, rather than Muslims, and live in wooden homes that dot the high hills. The women are known for their gayly-colored traditional dresses and headpieces you will only see in this part of Pakistan.

Jeeps and car hires transport visitors easily to the remote Kalash Valleys from Chitral, 2.5 hours away. Bumburet is the most populated valley and popular with Pakistan tourists. Rumbur and Birir are less developed and popular with foreign travelers. Visit the locally-owned Kalasha Dur museum in Bumburet, an attractive cultural museum that gives you all the information needed to tour the stunning valleys.

The best time to visit the Kalash Valleys is during one of their traditional festivals. Chilan Joshi is held in May, Uchau is celebrated in autumn, and Choimus occurs for two weeks around the winter solstice. Tourists are always amazed at the colorful costumes, rituals, drink, and dance.