Phander Valley

Phander Valley is located in the Ghizer District, North West of Gilgit city and on the main Gilgit-Chitral route. It is a 4-5 hours drive from Gilgit all along the Gilgit River. Important places enroute are Gahkuch and Guppis. Basically, the area ahead of Gupis up to Handarap village is termed as Phander Valley, Phander town beign the main population center in the area.

PTDC Motels at Phander and Guppis are the best places to stay though there are few more average standard hotels. One needs prior reservation in PTDC Motels and rates are fixed.

Phander Valley is a striking beautiful valley full of orchards and green fields with Gilgit River flowing through the center of the valley. Valley altitude varies from 8000 to 9600 feet asl. Area around Phander town is relatively open and flat and has an altitude varying between 9300 to 9600 ft. Gilgit River has beautiful turquoise blue water in this area. Surrounding mountians are high, going up to 20,000 ft. One would come across some of the most fascinating views in whole Gilgit Baltistan in the Phander Valley. No where in Gilgit Baltistan one comes across such a slow flowing river with turquoise blue water at such a high altitude.

Shandur Pass with Shandur Lake and Shandur Polo Ground is around 2-3 hours from Phander and a must visit site when in Phander. There are few smaller valleys, mostly on the southern side of the valley that one may like to visit. Lakes in Khalti, Phander, Hundarap are worth a visit. While Khalti and Phander Lakes are right on the road, Hundarap Lake is a 4 hours walk from Hundarap village. At an altitude of 11900 feet, Baha Chhat is the biggest lake in the area. It is a 6-8 hours walk from Langer and should not be attempted without local guides.