Located in Balochistan, Kund Malir is one of about two dozen beaches in Pakistan. The large sandy beach is an arid landscape located in the Hingol National Park.

The Makran Coastal Highway is a scenic highway that leads to the beach and has coastal views on one side and mountains on the other. Pack well for your trip as no emergency supplies are available in the area. Kund Malir is a 175-kilometer drive from Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city.

Kund Malir is a great place to escape the crowds and become immersed in nature. The stunningly beautiful beach has a 20-room resort and dhaba-style restaurant and truck stop. The beach stays pristine since it’s almost never crowded. While here, you can also visit the Princess of Hope statue, a rock statue created by strong winds and rain, and the ancient Hinglaj Temple.