Located in Sindh, a province in Southeastern Pakistan, Mohenjo-daro is home to the Sindh people and an archeological site that dates back to 2500 BCE.

A lengthy study and excavation has shown that the ruins and mounds were a part of the Indus Valley civilization during the same era of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. History buffs will be fascinated by the engineering and urban planning so far ahead of its time. The settlement was built with a grid plan, featured public baths, and had a highly-efficient water management system.

For unknown reasons, the settlement disappeared around 1900 BCE and was unearthed eons later during the 1920s. Excavations continued until 1966 when weather damage halted the in-depth archeological efforts. Mohenjo-daro has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980. The area can be reached by public bus or private transport. The nearest large city is Multan to the north.