Nagar Valley

Nagar is a former princely state and one of the ten districts of Gilgit BaltistanPakistan.The valley is along the Karakoram Highway on the way north from Gilgit main city.The valley is home to many high mountain peaks including Rakaposhi (7788m)Diran Peak (7265m)Golden Peak and Rush Peak. The Nagar valley is administratively divided into two Tehsils; Tehsil Nagar-I and Tehsil Nagar-II.[5] All the villages of upper Nagar including Shayar, Askurdas, SumayarNagarkhasHoper Valley, and Hispar come under the Tehsil Nagar-I. While all the villages of lower Nagar including Chalt, Buladas, Chaprote, Skandarabad, Jafarabad, Nilt, Thol, Ghulmet, Pisan, Minapin, Meacher, Dadhimal, Phekar, and Hakuchar are the par of Tehsil Nagar-II. Burushaski and Shina languages are spoken in the valley.[3] The Rush Lake, the highest alpine lake of Pakistan and the 27th highest lake in the world also lies in this valley.