Concordia Shigar

Concordia is a paradise for mountain lovers and climbers alike. It lies in the far north of the country on the national border with China.

Most people are not aware of Pakistan’s claim to fame for containing five of the highest 14 peaks on the planet.

From the vantage point provided by this beautiful place Concordia, tourists can take in four of these five highest in the world peaks. This makes it both a stunning view vantage point and incomparable photo opportunity not to be missed while on a trip through Pakistan.

The K2 Concordia trek is one of the greatest trekking holidays to the base camp of K2 in Pakistan. From the rock trails that ascend to the enormous Baltoro Glacier to the sights of the amazing 8,000-meter peaks that tower above your head, the  K2 Concordia trek is one of the most epic journeys available. You won’t find another adventure quite like trekking in Pakistan as you find yourself at the base camp for the world’s second-highest peak.